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10th Year Anniversary, Jan.2018, as a website!!





2017 Dinner Auction

Saturday April 22, 2017
Parishville Fire Hall
6pm dinner is being served
$15 adult $7 children
Contact Mark Kelley to purchase your tickets

St. Lawrence County Trapper's Association "Lifetime Raffle"

County Trapper's Association is holding a  Lifetime Raffle. Numbered tickets to 1,000 will be sold @ $2.00, until they are gone. One winning ticket will be drawn on October 10th at the SLCTA BOD meeting at 6:30 pm in the Lisbon Library.

CONGRATS to our winner from 2014 from Heuvelton!!!

The winning ticket will get to select ONE of the following items:

Resident NYS Lifetime Hunting License or

Resident NYS Lifetime Trapping License or

Resident NYS Lifetime Fishing License

The winner can take for themselves or name a child/adult to be submitted for the license chosen.

All proceeds will be divided into the SLCTA General and Scholarship accounts at the Boards discretion.

TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE NOW!!! CONTACT CAN BE MADE BY E-MAIL or by calling Mark at 315-528-2953.


Welcome to the Pat Arnold Youth Trapping Camps

This website is dedicated to Pat Arnold's vision to bring trapping to our youth.  The program Pat started has been very successful. Each year NYSTA is getting more and more kids to enroll.  So many kids in fact that we added a new camp in 2014. None of this could have been possible without the steadfast committment of Pat Arnold.  Please visit the Pat Arnold Tribute Page to learn more about Pat Arnold.



32 Leary Flint Rd Brasher Falls NY



TOBY will be doing fur handling of multiple speices and showing how to get the most dollars out of your hard earned furs this is a free event 

Sponsered by Fur Harvesters Auction Inc.
ST Lawrence County Trappers Assoc.
Deer River Trap Supply and Maple Products



The association for NYS has developed a NEW webpage that is on the cutting edge. it is a one stop shop and is being handle VERY differently that in the past. All suggestions and ideas are handled by a group of people rather than just one. If you have an event, newspaper article or ANYTHING you want posted it can be posted in the NYSTA pages OR our affiliate page SLCTA. Spread the word, like I said it is new and will take maybe a day or so to link you to the new site, if you keep getting the old one, clear your history of searches/cookies and try again. thank you

Kids to DEC camp

SLCTA has sent 

73 kids to camp as of 2017!!!!

Memebers and Associates of the SLCTA have made it possible for 1 youth to go to an Environment Camp in 2017!!! Thank you to all who have donated effortlessly.  

Here is a link to the NYS DEC education section and it describes the camps that we send kids to each year. January of every year we advertise throughout St Lawrence County by Newspaper, magazine and radio. Names are collected this way and in February a drawing (names in a hat) is held at the monthly meeting. Anywhere from 1-3 kids are sent to the camp paid for by the SLCTA, with a few alternates on hand just in case. Application is filed through us and we submit to the DEC, parents get the kids to camp and back. Once a child has been sent by us we ask that they do not submit their names again so we can send other kids in the future. January 25th is this years cut off date to get your childs name in. As always feel free to contact us by mail or through the organizer of this program @ 389-5096


Fisher Management Plan

Fellow NY Trappers,

The leadership of NYSTA and the JTI Committee would like to make you all aware that the NYSDEC has recently released their new draft management plan for fisher in New York. The plan is out for public review and comment through March 21, 2015. The ten year draft plan can be viewed on the NYSDEC website

Trappers, this is one of those times that we need as much support as possible. We need every trapper in NY to be informed of this plan and the effects it could have not just on trapping as we know it today, but onward into the future as well. This is the first time that the NYSDEC has elected to use bag limits to control the harvest of any furbearer, other than marten, in NY. We have been told that this option will be on the table, in the future, as management plans are developed for other furbearers as well. They intend to shorten the fisher trapping season in the Adirondack region of the Northern Zone by more than 50%. The far reaching, long range effects of some parts of this plan, if implemented as written, could negatively affect trappers for decades. EVERY trapper needs to take the time to respond to this plan with their comments by March 21, 2015. I cannot stress that fact enough. Don't think for a minute that your comments won't count or that enough of “the other guys” will comment so you don't really need to. We need you to take the time to look over the plan, review the NYSTA position regarding that plan, draft and forward your own comments on this plan to the NYSDEC now, before it is too late to act. 

Please forward your comments by email to: and you must put “Fisher Plan” in the subject line of your email. You can also submit comments in writing to NYSDEC Bureau of Fish and Wildlife, Fisher Management Plan, 625 Broadway, Albany, NY 12233-4754 Please do it today!

On the following pages you will find an outline of the official position of the NYSTA, as drafted by the JTI Committee. Please use this information freely to help develop your own personal written response to the NYSDEC. It is important to be courteous and respectful with your comments.

Also, please do not hesitate to contact myself, any other NYSTA Officer, NYSTA Regional Director, or JTI Committee member if you need more information or have any questions you need answered prior to sending in your comments. You can find that contact information on the NYSTA website.

Thank you!

John Rockwood, President
New York State Trappers Association
Phone: 315-415-4946

Official Position of the New York State Trappers Association Relative to the 2015 NYSDEC Draft Fisher Management Plan for NY

The New York State Trappers Association fully supports and remains committed to the conservation and wise use of our renewable natural resources.
We support:

1. Expanded harvest opportunities in new WMUs across Central and Southern New York. Fisher populations have increased dramatically across many areas of NY where previously there have been no open harvest seasons. We are very pleased that the Department recognizes that sustainable harvests can now be accomplished in those WMUs.

2. Continued scientific studies of furbearer species distribution, habitat requirements and population dynamics that support preparation of defensible furbearer management decisions regarding harvest opportunities.

3. The utilization of sound scientific data, collected in NY, upon which to base future management decisions relative to the harvest of fisher in NY. Using old, outdated studies is unacceptable as is using study data from other states/provinces. There are too many factors, unique to NY, that provide other variables that do not exist in other places.

4. The use of season length and timing to manipulate the numbers of fisher harvested. This has been the policy of the NYSDEC, in regard to all furbearers except American Pine Marten, in NY for decades. Fisher populations have expanded dynamically in many parts of New York State. There is absolutely no need for using bag limits at all, let alone in conjunction with shortened season length.

5. The setting of season dates for valuable furbearers; such as marten, fisher, otter, and bobcats; to allow for harvesting when their fur is prime. Seasons for some of these species are relatively short so opportunity should be provided with true conservation principles in mind.

6. Studies to determine the true status of the fisher population in the Adirondacks. If it is scientifically proven that the fisher population in the Adirondacks is truly in decline, then further studies should be undertaken to determine how to reverse that decline and do so with the least resulting impact to trappers. 

7. Maintaining the length of the present fisher trapping season, without bag limits, throughout the Northern Zone and the Catskills. However, we feel that the season dates of October 25 through December 10 is inconsistent with proper conservation principles as too many lower quality fisher are harvested in the early part of this season. To allow for better alignment with such conservation principles, we would like to propose a 46 day season starting November 15 and ending December 31 which would provide for much better quality fisher to be harvested. Doing so would provide the same amount of opportunity to trappers as the earlier season and provide better use of this valuable resource as well as alignment with proper conservation principles.

8. Concurrent closing dates, regardless of what the opening dates are, in all WMUs with an open trapping season for fisher. This would simplify things for trappers, law enforcement, and pelt sealers.
We Oppose: 

1. Bag limits on any species of furbearer, other than American Pine Marten, in the state of New York. Documentation within the plan itself shows that the length and timing of the season are sufficient to manipulate the harvest numbers. Using the length and timing of the season is far less cumbersome, to both ECOs and trappers, than bag limits. 

2. Shortened fisher and/or marten trapping seasons that advocate that the days lost are at the latter end of the season. Documentation in the plan shows that fisher trappers are most successful in the early part of the season. It would only stand to reason that if the Department wanted to reduce the harvest, while at the same time provide a sensible opportunity for trappers to harvest fisher under true conservation principles, that a later starting date rather than an earlier closing date would be utilized.

3. A shortened season in the Adirondacks prior to conducting proper studies to determine the true necessity of such actions. The admitted supposition, by the Department, that the fisher population of the Adirondacks is in perpetual decline is based purely on assumptions. There is no factual evidence nor current study data to support the Department's assumptions which are based solely on pelt sealing data. Other very real factors exist that could influence the harvest numbers in this region such as the overall aging of the trapper population in NY (effort naturally and of necessity, declines with age), fuel prices, pelt prices, loss of reasonable access, changes of land ownership, and the general overall economics of trapping a low density species.

4. Multiple different closing dates for fisher seasons in various WMUs or WMU aggregates. The closing date for all WMUs where fisher trapping is allowed must remain concurrent for the sake of proper law enforcement and ease (as well as cost) of pelt sealing requirements. This plan proposes three different fisher seasons, all opening at the same time but closing on three very different dates. This directs a 30 day commitment of availability to be made by all Department personnel involved with pelt sealing. There will be a huge cost incurred by the Department associated with that availability. DEC law enforcement personnel, already limited in number and crippled by limited resources, will be deterred from dealing with issues arising along the border lines of the various WMUs affected by differing season dates. The potential for tainted data is increased dramatically as well, especially in regard to pelt sealing data.


1. The value of the opportunity to harvest a fisher cannot be quantified by the timing of the dates of the open season, but the opportunity to harvest a quality fisher IS determined by those dates.

2. The data from prior Cornell University trapper surveys is dated and the use of it in this plan is inappropriate. Trappers were unaware of any potential fisher trapping season in “expansion WMUs” when answering those survey questions.

3. Using TPUE as data to estimate population is only accurate if weather, age, experience, and economic factors relative to trappers and trapping remain constant for all seasons evaluated and compared.

4. Using the term “trophy” to describe any furbearer is most likely to give many in the non 
trapping public the impression that trappers kill wildlife just for the sake of a “trophy”.

5. Use of study data from places other than NY, as well as use of dated data, could be totally irrelevant, misleading, unreliable, and/or detrimental

6. Trapping is a heritage and a lifestyle and as such needs to be preserved and protected. Placing further unwarranted restrictions on trappers is incrementally destroying this heritage and lifestyle.

New youth camp in The North!

Once again this fall the Pat Arnold Youth Trapper's Camps will be held on Columbus Day weekend. They are also known as AYTEC, Advanced Youth Trapper Education Camp. Going into its 5th year with camps at the NYS DEC sites Rushford (west) and Pack Forrest (east) the demand has warranted the addition of another. This year for the first time ever there will be one at Mandaville Camp and Retreat Center, Winthrop. The camp is held by the NYS Trapper's Association and was brought to the area with the strong show of support by the St. Lawrence County Trapper's Association. With the assistance of the NYS DEC, AYTEC has obtained a short 3 day permit to promote wildlife education.

Boys and girls between the ages 12-15 come to the camp on that Friday evening and stay through until Monday at noon. The camp provides meals, NYS trapping class where they work to obtain a trapping certificate and spend some time with a local DEC officer. Groups of two students spend most of their day with one NYS certified instructor in the field learning safe, effective practices for land and water trapping. In the late afternoon they attend demonstrations or classes held by some of the top mentors in the Northeast. Kids will learn about all the animals in our area and the biology of their ecosystem, the history of trapping and why it is still a useful trade today, effects of overpopulation, disease control and ethics of harvesting the state's plentiful renewable resources.

This year the camp is full with 20 students but will expand in the years to follow. It also accepts returning campers and offers a Junior Mentor program which allows students now above the age limit, to come back and assist the camp staff. The cost of the camp is $40.00 total per camper.

For more information on how you could sponsor a camper or donate, contact the county trapper's association or email Pat Arnold directly

To see more about the location and staff  

The loss of our Icon

November 22nd 2014 is the day that NYS lost their largest asset in the trapping world. Thousands of men and women will stand today motionless, shaken, rocked and in severe mourning. Patricia Arnold has passed.
As more information is release it will be shared.
President SLCTA 
Region 5N Director for NYSTA
 and above all mentor of Patricia Arnold Advance Youth Trapper Education Camp- Northern camp
Ethan L. Reynolds

Ogdensburg Journal Youth Camp

NYSTA Convention 2014

New York State Trapper's Association Affiliate club of the year award goes to.......The St Lawrence County Trapper's Association ! ! !

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Monday, September 16, 2013 - 10:03 am

Mark Kelley of Heuvelton instructed a trapper education course recently at the Gouverneur Rod and Gun Club. A mixture of kids and adults attended.

SLCTA's Vice President!!!!

Mark L. Kelley, Heuvelton, practices his axe-tossing skills Sunday during the St. Lawrence Valley Primitive Snowshoe Biathlon at the Massena Rod and Gun Club. More than 30 contestants participated in the benefit for Fort de La Presentation Association.

Educating the public

This video was created by a passionate trapper who wishes to see the "tweeners" educated rather than blindly taking sides. This video isn't intended for the similar minded trappers but yet to help show what we do as well educated, well trained sportsmen and women across the entire country.

In the event that you ever encounter resistance or a person who just doesn't have the facts, DO NOT argue,  chose to educate. Send them this link.

There will be more videos to come digging a little deeper into earth that surrounds our roots.

"If you think fur trapping is outdated and no longer necessary in todays society, this video is a must see. While animal activist groups may influence your decision with fabricated malicious propaganda, I will not insult your intelligence with those tools of deception and let the TRUE FACTS speak for itself. EDUCATE YOURSELF WITH THE FACTS BEFORE YOU VOTE ON THIS DELICATE MATTER.", video creator.

FISHCAP and SLCTA are joining efforts to get kids, wounded warriors and families outdoors!! We will be constantly in contact with one another relaying important information about events and programs. Actively searching out effective ways to maximize volunteers time so to serve more people in our area.


Election of new VP

Congratulations to Mark as he volunteered and was voted in unanimously!! Thanks for all that you have done and NOW will do for the future.

...and honoring the past VP

The primitive snowshoe biathlon, a fundraiser for the Fort La Présentation Association, is dedicated this year to the memory of the late Jack Gray who passed away in 2012. 

We are honoring Jack because he was our very first sponsor when we began the biathlon last year. He was a long-time supporter of the Fort Association, a master gunsmith and co-owner of Grays Guns in Lisbon, New York.


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