I was in attendance with about 10 other people, none from out of the township, to hear what Mr. Rust had to say. His opening statement was that he wanted to address the newly popular hunting/trapping law for their 29.4 acre park. He made a motion to get rid of the new law all together. All were for, none opposed, carried. The Supervisor opened the floor to anyone with interest. One gentlemen handed in a 308 signature petition in opposition to this law. After that another gentleman, also from Hopkinton, gave a 10 minute presentation explaining the NYS laws and Federal laws already in place for firearms. No town has the capability to make a law above and beyond those stated and they were already enough for what they needed. During this time a few others chimed in. Mr. Rust continued the conversation with questions on what best way to handle this and took in all opinions. He further wanted everyone to understand that the first news paper article was not their normal writer and that it was blown way out of proportion. Things were written in a way that wasn't at all what it was meant. Secondly he wanted people to understand that his legal advice and the actual way the law was written was nothing like what they had imagined it. After a half hour of reasonable, calm, two way street conversation it was put together in a way that was fit for all. A sign will be put up with a restriction on the activities of Hunting and Trapping unless pre-authorized by the town. A no discharge of weapons. If you witness a violation please call #. 
Mr. Rust and the board were thanked by NYSTA and SLCTA by me for their willingness to listen and understand what the previous Hunting and Trapping law would have meant for all Sportsmen. 
This entire group that assembled was nothing like I have ever seen before in my life, very close knit.. They are right by their sign, "Hopkinton, A nice place to come home to".
Ethan L. Reynolds
Saint Lawrence County Trapper's Association