St. Lawrence County Trapper's Association


SLCTA President

Jim Aubrey
PO Box 148
Canton NY 13617-0148

(Past) President's Report


Saint Lawrence County Trappers,

We would like to welcome the new members to our association, the yearly subscribers and the lifetime members who have offered support in the past, present and made our future possible. An overwhelming applause goes out to all the businesses, which have listened to our pleas and donated effortlessly. Year in and year out, no matter what the situation, we are glad you have been a part of our vision. Active members, you have been called upon and you have provided, without you it would never come full circle. You are what keeps the possibilities growing and this association alive. We thank you for keeping a door open to the rooms we meet in and to those who spend hours working at home or in the communities just for us. We thank you for traveling the extra distance to bring vital information and those who sit for hours paving the road of the future. You may think these things go unseen or unheard but I promise you, it is felt by the ones who need you the most.

We thank the people in advance that will join us in the year to come. A salute to the ones who have served and know we will carry your pack basket any time.

It is truly amazing to look back on our roots and see what was considered all in a day’s work and compare it to what is being done today. We are confronted with so many decisions that can lead down so many different paths and none of them ever seem to be easy. Whether it is family or global related, just imagine what it is like for a child or young adult. Seeing and hearing what is going on out there and what obstacles they will have to overcome. Family, educators and special interest groups are those roots that they will pull from everyday of their life. Who will be the influence in the life of a child that you know?

So for the final award and standing ovation! The entire Saint Lawrence County Trappers Association, turn inward to our nucleus, extend a hand shake and thank the youth of today. You motivate us and give us the willpower to push forward making improvements, so that you may take us with you into the future.

If you would like to receive our monthly meeting letter via e-mail send your name and e-mail to

Bring your past and apply it now, so we can have a future

Ethan L. Reynolds (Joe Fur)

SLCTA President

NYSTA Region 5N- Director





All the Right Directions

DINNER AUCTION 2012- The annual fundraiser went extremely well. We would like to thank all of the local businesses that gave to our collectors. The runners that work so hard spending time and gas money to collect, THANK YOU! The Lisbon Legion and the Lions Club did an outstanding job with dinner, top to bottom you are THE BEST! Directors Organizers and Officers of the SLCTA did a great job working together and performed in a record setting way, your dedication is GREATLY APPRECIATED! We were honored to have representation from NYSTA and the NTA, we look forward to working with you on the new future. Attendance was once again beyond expectation. We will be working to improve your comfort at the next dinner auction in 2013. 

Dave Coarse Memorial Scholarship- This year we found a young man who will be attending Paul Smiths college from Salmon River Central. He wishes to look into the Environmental Science Department. He has shown great motivation and great character. In speaking with him he is very respectable, cool under fire and willing to help others. Perfect!!! Good luck to you Seth in your travels.

Rendezvous 2012-  Things are in full swing for JULY 28TH-29TH @ MASSENA ROD AND GUN CLUB. With another NYS DEC Trapper's training class on Friday the 27th and Saturday the 28th it will be one of the best settings to get your license in the state. Demos, New and Used trapping supplies, food and games! 

Membership-  With each month passing by we grow stronger as a group. The meetings are getting bigger, the functions are getting bigger and the momentum towards our goals is getting stronger! One thing is for certain we are on the upswing.